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I have a catch phrase for him to use in regard to his current focus...Refusing to believe in the existence of Marxists/Communists will not protect you from them.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

04/11/2019, 00:41:35

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That is actually a quote from the fine Anthony Hopkins film "The Rite" ("refusing to believe in Satan will not protect you from him." )

It was a relief to see Mr. Beck apparently in good health - he has had some serious health challenges of late, I'd heard. He looked well.

I note also that Denali is on Beck's Blaze network after Levin apparently got burned by the initial producers of his flagship CRTV. Levin 86'd the old team, started litigation to recover assets/limit loss from their incompetence/corruption then hooked up with Beck.

Beck endured a troubling sort of backlash to his poor choices in managing his mouth on some tough issues. Sure, Fox might have stuck with him but bidneh i' bidneh!

Money talks, so the chicken-shit corporate fools told Beck to walk. He walked and kept a network alive in a market that killed algore's Clearly Insane network (that he sold to Quttari terrorsymps in aljazeera)

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