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Stranger Synchronicity on Right Minds again...CS Lewis character emerges in time...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

04/11/2019, 00:32:38

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I recently mentioned rereading CS Lewis Space Trilogy, specifically the final novel in the trilogy, That Hideous Strength.

One of the strengths of Lewis' writing is that much like Dostoyevsky and Kafka he writes little stories within larger stories - vignettes which stand alone as brilliant even when removed from the greater body of work.

His characters are often (as Tolkien's) very REALISTIC (they seem to come to life as one reads) and in That Hideous Strength, one of the central characters is a bear.

Now recently I heard a popular reference to the new attorney general Barr as a "bear" who grumpily, ferociously pursued justice.

See, in THS, the bear becomes one of the central characters toward the end. Without giving away the plot, let's just say that the creature's appetites play into the removal of a leader of the Bad Guys.

I couldn't help but notice the correlation in real time both within the same 24 hours, I finished the last chapters of That Hideous Strength after not touching it for twenty years, then a prominent conservative refers to the man who seems to be helping to turn the rudder of state back in the direction of Republicanism (instead of tyranny) as a fierce, fearless bear.

The Lewis character is a black bear named Mr. Bultitude.

One gets to know Mr. Bultitude in the novels.

Not exactly a force-10 earthquake of profundity but along with the heavy rain to wash away the drought in Israel, this happens. Weird.

BTW, Lewis was a VERY devout, serious-minded Christian. He did not believe in coincidences for the most part.

For the most part, neither do I.

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