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I'm not a fan of Glenn Beck, but today, he hit it out of the ball park. He exposed the problem with immigration by pointing out Chicago's
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Posted by: Dee W.

04/10/2019, 22:21:07

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UNITED METHODIST CHURCH being used as a Soros front that hired hundreds of lawyers and workers to go into Central America to bring them here and advise them. All supported by Soros 100%.

It's part of the Soros plan to overthrow our government by taking over the Democrat party with useful idiots. He gave a point-by-point schematic of how it's being done. I knew Media Matters was Soros but I had no idea it was the Clinton Foundation as well.

He showed how the Islamists are working with the socialists, most being paid to work together against Israel and capitalism and to overturn stability in the US.

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