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BTW, did anyone else notice how enthusiastically the Middle Eastern shiekist (US-friendly) nations went to town bombing since DJT was elected?
Re: Good morning! Bibi was reelected as Israeli PM. So the on-going "persecution-through-prosecution" from the hard left failed. -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

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04/10/2019, 04:22:05

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The Saudis bombed the living SHIT out of their enemies in at least two separate theaters (Sudan and Jordan) hitting hard-line muzz militant forces, bringing more stability. 

The Egyptians also did a little deployment of ordnance of their own in a few areas. Even more importantly the Egyptian secular government refused to get involved in protests or diplomatic pressure against Israel. 

The Egyptian government seems to have completely quelled the radical anti-American (pro Islamic Jihad) faction that threatened to turn Egypt into another theocracy during the feckless (bowing-to-dictators) Eightball Obama years.   

With strong leadership in both DC and Tel Aviv /Jerusalem   the Arab street that's ready to live in the modern age unified just as Dr. Gorka predicted it would and put forth a concerted effort to stamp out radical Islamist terrorism at every level - not just on the battlefield. 

God bless Gorka for being a genius of foreign policy and for Trump for having the intelligence to listen to him. 

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