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Good morning! Bibi WAS reelected as Israeli PM (nods to Teebone). So the on-going "persecution-through-prosecution" from the hard left failed.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

04/10/2019, 04:12:13

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By tying himself to the effective, fearless leadership of DJT and patiently enduring a very TDS-like endless attack from his own government/law enforcement, Benjamin Netanyahu prevailed.

Iran will be taking another look at the integrity of their underground bunker facilities no doubt.

The charming cacogens lost again - prolly because leftists no longer even bother to conceal their amoral, inhuman, psychotic agenda from the public. The left seems to be "jumping for that Great Sky Hook" all over the world leap in hope of grabbing onto it and being lifted to Heaven instead are impaled upon it" (nods to Hunter S. Thompson).

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