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Psychologically, the "high" people get from shoplifting is similar to that of narcotics and gambling.
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04/10/2019, 00:31:54

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Seriously, research has shown that the part of the brain that is activated in people with history of shoplifting arrests is the same one that gets stimulated by gambling and using drugs like cocaine. 

There is a correlate feeling in the principle that they MUST do it. It's very much like the urge to (forgive me) defecate. Non-rational, irresistible and completely compelling. 

There is in such persons often a sense that if they do NOT do it, they will somehow suffer more tangible loss than if they  give in to the impulse to steal. Irrational? You bet!! 

That is the character of feeling-driven perceptions - to the principle they "feel right". But to normal people, it seems strange and stupid. 

Again there is an appropriate analogy a strong compulsion to defecate. Non-rational, overwhelming. 

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