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'Just heard a couple'a good'uns on Mark Simone's radio program.
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Posted by: TEEBONE

04/08/2019, 12:13:02

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1) 'Guy's wife complains, "You always go fishing but you never take me along." So he takes her out on the lake, pulls out a half-stick of dynamite, lights it and tosses it in the water.

*BOOM!* 'Couple'a dozen fish float up, he scoops 'em in and puts 'em in the cooler, pulls out another half-stick.

'Wife sez, "That's not very sportsman-like."

He lights it, hands it to her and sez, "'You gonna talk or FISH?"


2) 'Guy and a gal are gettin' it on in the back seat of a parked car. 'Cop walks up, shines his flashlight in the window and sez, "Hey, wadd're you DOIN' in there?"

'Guy sez, "I'm making love to my wife, officer."

'Cop sez, "Oh, sorry. I didn't know it was your wife."

'Guy sez, "Neither did I, 'til you turned the light on."

(badaboom - *CRASH!*)

Have a nice day! ;-)



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