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It's an internal squabble for the 'Crats - little more.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

04/04/2019, 19:23:40

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There is so much tangible stuff to disqualify Dopey Joe for that zooming in on this mostly leftist concern (powerful males violating women's space) seems odd. 

The fact that none of this surfaced in the 'Crat ranks until the party's trend lurched hard left again speaks volumes. 

The hard left is nothing if not militantly unified in maintaining all-out 24/7 assault on everyone and everything that stands in its way. Like a pack of hungry rats. 

Biden has skylined himself and will take fire from the self-described radical socialist wing of the anti-conservative Party, just as Trotsky earned an ice-pick in the spine from Stalin just for being a potential rival. 

 Leftists regard playing fair as a sign of weakness. 

There is some poetic justice in Biden being blind-sided with a cheap-hit since that is what he did to Paul Ryan in the vice-presidential debate. Ryan was revealed as horribly unprepared for a blunt-force assault (obviously never prepared in the rehearsals for that type of thing, which may be blamed on his handlers/consultants to some degree). 

Biden therefore getting brutally sucker-punched (by many of his own "allies" in the leftist mass media no less) is entirely fitting IMO. His response has been less-than an outright apology which is going to prolong the whole thing, which is what his adversaries wanted. 

So this has noit been handled well by Biden.  His own ineptitude as a thinker comes out in how he conducts himself in public. If he goes hard against ANY far left candidate in the debates he will get pilloried as a "traitor" so his options for fighting back within the scope allowed by the left is rapidly shrinking. 

Retirement however would look like quitting and that fool's ego is WAAAAY too big to quit without humiliating himself entirely by his inbred incompetence. 

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