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I HOPE Farber's tongue is implanted firmly in his cheek, but that's stretching hope pretty thin.
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

04/03/2019, 11:04:02

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Proof the sun is setting on America - WND

Barry Farber
5-6 minutes

The famous Chinese philosopher Lin Yutang said something hauntingly relevant to today’s column. Actually, it’s not all that relevant, but nonetheless I invoke that observation in honor of the mystical oriental flavor. I quote. You decide.

Lin Yutang once told us that when a small man casts a long shadow you know the sun is setting. I venture now into a mystical dimension, hoping the quote helps me vault from the ordinariness of Barry Farber clear over to the philosophical genius of Lin Yutang.

The same philosopher – or would-be philosopher – who appreciates that Lin Yutang quote might also appreciate my shameful and unworthy effort, namely, when a nation hauls off and does what is right, and hordes of critics descend upon it, we know that society is in worse trouble than it imagines. Herewith, my proof that our sun is setting. At the moment, we are trying to convince roughly half our population that we have a crisis on our southern border. The other half views the crisis as the inability of the first half to acknowledge that there exists such a crisis.

One aspect of this crisis is the odd shift in the demographics of those trying to enter America illegally. A few years ago, the typical illegal alien was a Mexican male of working age seeking a better life for himself. Today, however, the caravans headed our way consist mostly of “families.” These “families” frequently have been known to latch onto young children in an attempt to facilitate their trek north up to and into the United States of America.

Proof has surfaced (even though as far as we know nobody is really seeking such proof) that a great many of those children and their ostensible parents are in no way related. Jokes about “rent-a-child” and similar enterprises proliferate among the border-crashing crowd.

Suppose that tomorrow President Trump were to announce the formation of “special teams” (using tools such as DNA, FBI profiling and multilingual interviewers) who could uncover this racket at its source. When I was 6 years old I knew the names and origins of my grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, family history and the like. I knew my own answers, but I didn’t know Billy’s or Johnny’s, Tommy’s or Fred’s!

What do you think would come next? Would the White House be deluged with letters congratulating the president on finding such a low-cost, non-violent way to uncover border fraud? As radio raconteur Jean Shepherd used to say, “In a pig’s eye!”

Instead, I can see unending marchers denouncing “Gestapo-like tactics” to “punish innocent children.” And what happened to the righteous concern of adults – parents or others – over innocent children being subjected to the dangers of crossing the badlands of northern Mexico in a criminal attempt to break into our homes? Oh, all that kind of stuff slipped away during the sunset.

During World War II our Navy Seabees (their name derives from the initials C.B., for “Construction Battalions”) proved we could build American bases in the Arctic Circle, in the jungle or in the desert, all within 72 hours. If our southern border were handled correctly, we would join with Mexico and build a “Refugee City”on one of Mexico’s many islands, or in an out-of-the-way site in the northern part of the country, where those desiring entry into the United States as asylum-seekers could live in safe and sanitary quarters until their cases are heard.

The process will be lengthy and almost none would qualify for asylum. Sorry about that! But at least this would relieve the dangerously overcrowded conditions now threatening the well-being and the very lives of those currently jammed into quarters that were never intended to be used as permanent or semi-permanent accommodations.

Under the right political conditions, this would be a no-brainer. You might even see refugees banding together to make new communities instead of merely biding time in a holding pen.

The political conditions, however, are miserable. How can anything be constructed or even attempted when one of our major political parties flat-out refuses to acknowledge that there is any crisis on our southern border whatsoever? They may as well deny the attack on Pearl Harbor. That’s a stretch, of course, but not as big as one might think.

The highest compliment that can be paid to a country is immigration. The idea of so many people risking so much in a long-shot bid to become an American is indeed flattering to the American ego.

However, a country that cannot control its borders does not deserve the respect of those who cross those borders illegally.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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