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a disproportionate number of disorderly young people I deal with every day are into the occult.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

04/02/2019, 13:38:45

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The left has made it fashionable for people to hate churches and Christians, so naturally weaker-minded young people are easily influenced toward Satanism, part-in-parcel of which is wanton, sadistic violence.

This is more of H-Wood coming home to roost. The "medium is the message" IOW, H-Wood merely presents images of Christians and churches being bad in film after film - usually it's in a "humorous" way, making Christians look hypocritical, provincial, dumb, cruel, idiotic, sadistic whereas in most cases those qualities are most-often displayed in communities by leftists, especially YOUNG leftists.

The young sicko in this looks evil to me. She looks to be the sort who claims to never feel "angry" but then ties a string across the top of the stairs causing her mother to fall to her death.

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