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Leftists are teaching their children to repeat catch-phrases.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

04/02/2019, 12:10:34

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As always, leftists primary focus is giving only the appearance of things. Leftists are just clever enough to figure out that people are influenced more by opinions expressed by people who "respect" them. Even though leftists don't deserve the respect of firearms rights supporters, leftists immediately set to trying to APPEAR to be respectable - through mendacious words.

Less-sophisticated people are often heavily influenced by verbal behavior (words). More-savvy people are more concerned with overt behavior (actions).

It is perhaps well to revisit the concept of Red Diaper Babies. That term arose from the phenomenon of Communist-leaning adults DELIBERATELY INDOCTRINATING their children into being supporters of radical socialism. It's as if they are so fanatic about their cause that they put red diapers on them (red was the chosen emblematic color of the Communist Revolution from about 1919). Their flags were red and the arm-bands they wore, etc.

No eleven-year-old ever came up with any notion of "respect" in regard to Constitutional Amendments. Clearly some adult gave the child terms/words to use.

So the radical 'Crats have dragged us all the way back to a time before civilization forswore enlisting children in wars.

That's the thing about the far left - it is quite literally (by their leaders' own words) at war with the rest of the non-Communist world. Radical socialists are taught (and many actually believe) that children not only may be used as "soldiers" in conflicts but MUST be.

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