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Posted by: TEEBONE

04/01/2019, 11:47:08

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LETTERS: It is absolutely about guns

Diane Tipling Stillwater
3-3 minutes

To the editor:

It is worthwhile to question how criminals get their guns. To paint those who are for gun regulations that might prevent even some of the wrong people from getting firearms as anti-gun and anti-freedom is nothing but propaganda. To question their motives as not about guns but about control is just paranoia.

It is absolutely about guns. Its about trying to establish sensible controls to reduce gun violence. I am too tired and have enough on my plate to want to control something for the sake of having control. But as a mom and as a human being who cares about the countless lives lost to gun violence every day, it is hard to say, not my problem.

Few would doubt many criminals obtain guns illegally. Most realize universal background checks, age limits, bump stock ban, etc., will not prevent many criminals from obtaining the firepower they desire. Nothing stops all crime, but we still must strive to reduce it. Requiring permits to publicly carry in Oklahoma did not identify all who should not be carrying, but according to the 2018 OSBI Annual Self Defense Act Report there were 562 permits denied, 122 permits revoked and 408 permits suspended. After Nov. 1, it will be harder to identify who is legally able to carry and who is not as there will be no permit to show.

Additionally, a lot of gun related tragedies do not involve criminals with illegally obtained weapons. Think about suicides and children killed through easy access to firearms. Suicides account for about 2/3 of all gun deaths. Red Flag laws provide a means to temporarily remove firearms from those legally deemed to be at risk to themselves (or others).

Early statistics from states that have enacted such a law show lowering suicide rates, yet the NRA works tirelessly, to block such laws. Why do some seem opposed to ABSOLUTELY ANY measure that would regulate gun use no matter what good it might accomplish? It is possible to value freedom and at the same time value safeguards established for the betterment of society.


We don't disagree with the goal, we disagree with burdening the rights of the majority of gun owners (and those intending to be gun owners), who have committed no crimes and who are not mentally defective and/or suicidal.

We have a Bill of Rights specifically to prevent that kind of thing from happening, and the "sensible controls" meme is the sneaky way the left employs to misdirect average people's attention away from guarding their liberty. Real "sensible controls" are on the government, not on the people. That is the central pillar of America's founding ethos.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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