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That's friggin' HILARIOUS!! YOu made it sound like a French word.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

04/01/2019, 02:25:06

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Can't you just see Watters going up to people on the street asking,

Watters: Do you think the solution to illegal immigration should beRUGE ?

Street Person: (hoping to sound erudite by approving of something French) Why...uh, er...YES!! Of course!! It's the least we can do!!

Watters: Do you know whatRUGE means?

SP:( tentatively not wishing to sound ignorant) Uh...doesn't it mean somthing like compassionate or understanding or something?

Watters: (smirking wryly) It means, "Round 'Em Up And Gas 'Em!!" (making "whole world" gesture).

SP:(horrified) WHAT??? Get the Hell away from me...(scrambling in confusion)

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