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Posted by: LateForLunch

03/31/2019, 21:35:48

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...there are so FEW (as a percentage of the population) transgenders (of whom generally 50% say that they regret the operation and the suicide rate is at least 20x the general population, so...) it makes no sense for society to make any sort of huge accommodation or encouragement.

There are just about as many people in society who (forgive me) are into beastiality (sic) self-mutilation (through removal of limbs, other body parts with elective surgery), masochism/sadism, dressing up as animals (furries: see episode of original CSI) and self-described "vampires" (including necrophiliacs/copraphiliacs). Not to mention NAMBLA!! So how do the-ever-ready-to-celebrate-every-single-minority group-'Crats explain NOT giving as much support to THOSE self-created minority groups as they do to mere transgenders? HAH!?!

I'm sure those groups would appreciate a little support too.

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