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Words mean things . . . . . ., don't they? . . .
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Posted by: Russ Walden

03/30/2019, 22:37:36

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Something wrong with this picture?

From Axios:

". . . across industries, the U.S. has become a country of monopolies.

  • Three companies control
    about 80% of mobile telecoms. Three have 95% of credit cards. Four have
    70% of airline flights within the U.S. Google handles 60% of search.
    The list goes on. (h/t The Economist)
  • In agriculture, four companies control 66% of U.S. hogs slaughtered in 2015, 85% of the steer, and half the chickens, according to the Department of Agriculture. (h/t Open Markets Institute)
  • Simlarly, just four companies control 85% of U.S. corn seed sales, up from 60% in 2000, and 75% of soy bean seed, a jump from about half, the Agriculture Department says. Far larger than anyone the American companies DowDuPont and Monsanto."

A country of monopolies

Oh, ok, whatever you say.


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