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it is indeed the second most popular religion there, but few of those are exporting
Re: Islam is the 2nd largest religion in India and growing daily. Islam is growing in Pakistan as well. As I stated earlier, many are working for FB, Google and Twitter. -- Dee W. Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: robertb

03/13/2019, 01:35:25

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They are staying put, trying to convert and control the vast number of people in India.

I work with dozens of Indians. Some there some here. 2 are Muslim as far as I know. Well below the 1/8th that the population is. Yes there are some. However, those that we have had emigrate, like the Somali congress woman, are more of a problem for us than the few H1-B visa ones.

Here at home, we have much more important ones to occupy our concern than the visa holders.

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