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'What the hell you gonna do, shoot me?' - (Muttering under breath, "Don't tempt me.")
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

03/11/2019, 18:40:13

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Watch: Senator stands ground as colleague tries to end gun-law debate: ‘What the hell you gonna do, shoot me?’

3-4 minutes

By Michael Brice-Saddler | The Washington Post

Debate on gun legislation reached a crescendo at the Arkansas state capitol Wednesday when a senator fervently denounced a bill that would make it easier to use lethal force in the name of self-defense.

The bill, sponsored by three Republican state senators, would remove a clause from the current law that required a “duty to retreat” in self-defense cases. Previous efforts to push similar “stand your ground” laws in the state, under both Democratic and Republican legislatures, have all failed within the last decade, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports.

But on Wednesday, Sen. Stephanie Flowers, D, spoke up when some members of the state’s Judiciary Committee tried to limit debate time on the issue – delivering an ardent monologue to explain why “stand your ground” laws are dangerous, particularly for people and communities of color.

“I am the only person here of color. I am a mother, too, and I have a son,” Flowers said. “And I care as much for my son as y’all care for yours. But my son doesn’t walk the same path as yours does. So this debate deserves more time.”

Addressing gun rights supporters in the room, Flowers said it was “crazy” to limit debate on such a sensitive issue. The senator again invoked her 27-year-old son, adding she was glad he no longer lives in Arkansas.

“You don’t have to worry about your children . . . I have to worry about my son, and I worry about other little black boys and girls,” she said. “And people coming into my neighborhood, into my city, saying they have open carry rights walking down in front of my doggone office in front of the courthouse. That’s a bully!”

Flowers said she was “scared” and “threatened” by the notion, and cited instances where people had entered the legislature while carrying guns under their coats, adding “you can see the damn print!”

Before she could continue, Flowers was interrupted by the committee chairman Sen. Alan Clark, R.

“Senator, you need to stop talking,” he whispered.

“No, I don’t!” Flowers lashed back.

“Yes, you do,” Clark replied

“No, I don’t,” Flowers said. “What the hell you gonna do, shoot me?”

“Senator . .. “ark said, in an apparent effort to calm her.

“Senator s-. Go to hell. I’m telling you, this deserves more attention.”

Flowers walked out of the committee room before returning to hear other groups speak out against the bill, including the Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police and the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association, according to the Democrat-Gazette. The measure was narrowly shot down in a 4-3 vote, with one Republican joining the opposing group.

Video of Flowers’ unrelenting defense was shared widely Friday, drawing praise from those inspired by her fearlessness. Some found the timing of the video to be fitting as Friday also marked International Women’s Day.

The bill’s primary sponsor will attempt reintroduce the bill Monday to get one more “yes” vote, local NBC affiliate KARK reported.

“And people coming into my neighborhood, into my city, saying they have open carry rights walking down in front of my doggone office in front of the courthouse. That’s a bully!”

No, those are citizens exercising their natural rights. Apparently you have a problem with citizens exercising their natural rights.

Thats YOUR problem, not ours.

1st Liberal national emergency, Voter Registration, 2nd Gun Control, and 3rd WHITE NATIONALISM...This crap WILL END.


Voter registration. No, voter IDENTIFICATION. 2nd Gun Control. No, "Held:
1. The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected
with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes[.]" - DC. v. Heller, (2008) White nationalism. WHO FOUNDED THIS COUNTRY, YOU IDIOT?


Really..Look, do you think armed citizens that have ZERO training, ZERO supply lines and ZERO leadership, and ZERO air support, have a chance against the Mightiest Military on the planet??? Seriously, explain to me how you are going to do anything but give them a reason to DRONE you out of existence?


Really, look. Do you think that the government, knowing that there are 80 MILLION gun owners in the country, would risk bringing down the republic to satisfy your asinine wishes?

The Kaintuck snipers took out the officers, and we won. We will take out those who send them. (And occasionally, the traitors who support them. Nervous? You should be.)

And you actually believe that they don't KNOW that?

Thus, the brilliance of the Second Amendment.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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