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The decline of America
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Posted by: Bartb ®

03/11/2019, 04:13:19

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 In terms of maintaining its leadership and strength, no one can deny that America faces a parlous challenge. Given this, the behavior of the Obama administration, and of progressives more generally, can only be considered surreal.
 I am tempted to say that they are like the violinists who played music while the Titanic sank. In this picture, Obama would be the strange conductor, obsessed with his tunes while missing the larger reality of the situation. This analogy, however, is unfair to the musicians on the Titanic. Their conduct was entirely rational. They knew the ship was going down and there was nothing else they could do. So they bravely resolved to play and give people what little cheer they could.
 In America’s case, however, there is a great deal we can do. Yet Obama seems unwilling to do any of it. I am not saying he is ignorant of the global reality. Infact, he knows it quite well. His behavior is also rational, from the progressive point of view. If we think of the Titanic as symbolizing the American era, Obama wants that ship to go down.
Let us resolve as Americans to make liberty our choice.
D'Souza, Dinesh. America: Imagine a World without Her

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