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Very interesting and you're not hearing about it. Kris Kobach, Sara Carter, Sheriff Clark and a few others have gotten together with the vet who raised $20 million toward the wall and have contacted various ranchers along the border to see if they
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Posted by: Dee W.

03/10/2019, 21:28:04

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would like the Trump approved wall erected on their private property. Kobach says the only difference in the wall they are going to erect, and Trump's wall is the price tag. The $20m will erect the same wall for $4m per mile, while the government wall will cost $20M per mile. Of course, because of all the approvals and other nonsense. I think this is wonderful news! The ranchers who want a wall on their property will have the same wall as the government wall and the government will only have to fill in the gaps. It's great because it will assure those ranchers will not have anyone going directly thru their property.

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