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I think you underestimate the fragility of her ego. She will not risk losing.
Re: I get the sinking feeling that Moochelle will sit out the brawl and ride in on a white horse at the 11th hour to 'save the day'. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

03/10/2019, 21:17:34

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Since the Eightball Obama was elected, she (and I use the term lightly) has lived a life of casual, facile ease and bounty. She will not sacrifice her own cushy life for the rough and tumble of a campaign she might well lose, even under the best of circumstances owing to the fickleness of the electorate.

She probably at least half-believes all of the bigoted, anti-White nonsense that her party spews and therefore suspects that white America is waiting to zing/betray her by voting for Trump again.

She is morbidly preoccupied with comfort. She will be content to snipe, sneer, jeer and incite from the sidelines like any good Alinskyite agitator.

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