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The degeneration of populations into cacogenic enclaves of decay, is as inevitable as rust/corrosion.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

03/10/2019, 08:05:23

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The left having aligned itself with chaos/entropy enjoys the powerful benefit of having the Second Law of Thermodynamics on their side.

Since destruction is vastly more convenient and fun than construction, leftists enjoy the conscious, active support of millions of cacogens who gravitate to those things which disgust, repel and discourage normal people.

Degeneration of the population into pulsating masses of feeble flesh begging for sustenance without dignity or shame seems to be ongoing.

The far left's pursuit of power has the morality of Ahab's pursuit of the Great White Whale. Mindlessly obsessive and without intelligence.

anti-conservative fanaticism has achieved an unprecedented intensity in the world - it rises along with the popularity of Satanic/chthonic influences. It is nothing less than a culture which values power above morality. Domination over prosperity and control over peace.

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