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WOW!! Not sure if I heard correctly but I sure hope so...
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Posted by: Jenny ®

03/09/2019, 01:34:58

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While watching Hannity, I heard him speak of Bruce Ohr and the Deep State and how finally there will be repercussions for all this bullshit and the traitorous attempted coup and all those involved in this witch hunt and beyond.   I missed much of the show but I pray Hannity's message was more than wishful thinking. 

I have been heartened and hopeful many times based on Hannity's messages and those messages of his guests only to sigh with regret and disappointment that once again,  I was forced to accept defeat.  :(

I have been sickened for months over the liberal disregard of media/politicians for the duly elected president and our current laws being broken every day.  

Is it possible this charade is coming to an end?  Will justice be done for those who have been so wronged?   Will my blood pressure now get back to normal?  :(

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