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Fat Man was 18 kilotons, about 80 times smaller than the lowest-yield H-Bomb. Precise delivery reduces the need for higher yield nukes so most ballistic nukes are in the 1-5 megaton range
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03/07/2019, 16:56:40

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...tactical nuke yields are 0.3 - 100 kilotons. Generally strategic nukes (ICBMs) are not bigger than 5 megatons under any circumstances because most of the explosive power goes upward anyway unless buried in solid ground when detonated - (bunker buster).

The larger yield weapons are good for buried installations in BB applications. One BB @ 1-5 megatons would likely collapse every tunnel in 2-7 mile radius from ground zero. So you could take out an entire underground city/laboratory (Iranians take note - Israel has such weapons and the ability to deliver them on target multiple times).

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