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I occasionally think about a .22Mag rifle, but prob'ly won't . . .
Re: Though the aesthetics of the lever actions are wonderful, were I in the market for a simple .22 I'd probably get one of these (in the same price range at about $425): -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Russ Walden ®

03/04/2019, 14:17:12

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Tee --

As mentioned above, I have a couple of good .22LR rifles.  I have two .22Mag pistols.  Daughter has one of  them.  The other is my NAA "snake gun" and is loaded with shot shell.  I carry it around here during the summer.

I think about a .22Mag rifle occasionally, but haven't come up with a good reason for buying one, other than the fun of getting a new gun.  I have an AR-15 for whatever I need above the .22LR.  The .22Mag would be a bridge, and would require adding to my ammo cache.  I have several thousand rounds of .22LR, so it would be my go-to gun.  I also have two .22LR pistols, both revolvers.

I dunno, maybe someday.

Take care,


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