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Like everything else the left creates, the grandiose names are ultimately the opposite of the reality.
Re: Have you ever ridden Amtrak? High-speed it ain't. Mostly, stopping for hours in a field it is. -- Bartb Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

03/03/2019, 22:14:16

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That's what helped to kill the so-called "High-Speed Rail" project in Mexifornia. Even the project developers admitted that the optimal outcome of the current plan would run all of the lines through areas which prohibit high-speed lines. 

So every time a 'Bullet Train" came to a large metropolitan area, they would have to slow to match speeds with the other trains, adding many hours to the commute time from "A" to "B". 

Sensing that few would be likely to be willing to travel through boom towns like Modesto  to get to Frisco in four hours instead of one hour on a plane for the same price, Gov. Newsom decided he didn't want to be remembered for being the governor in office when the state went bankrupt building what is now being called the Brown-doggle. 

What. A. Bunch. Of. Morons. 

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