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Bit-O-Trivia on that scene..
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Posted by: LateForLunch

03/03/2019, 21:46:26

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...the principle (Ford) was tired after several takes of a lot of sword-play and other stuff with Scimitar Guy. Asked to do another take, after they set up, director called, "Action!" Ford realized he didn't have enough energy to complete the scene as written, so he grabbed the gun in his waistband and shot Scimitar Man. Spielberg sensing good luck called, "Cut!" 'Watched the replay, liked it. Asked Ford to do another take just like it. 'Left it in the final cut.

Ford was a big enough actor that he could get away with something like that - being a little lazy. He prolly went back to his trailer to snort some coke.

The greater talent is in how a good director must know when an improvised scene is better than the original.

Spielberg: Cut!! Good!! Print it!!
A.D.(Assistant Director):(through megaphone)Strike the set!! Moving on!!

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