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I'm inclined to think that most of the voting public will remain largely and increasingly suspicious of any party which advocates/supports action to weaken the 2A.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

03/03/2019, 20:48:38

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Any doubts fence straddlers may have had about the insidious, subversive, insane nature of the anti-gun nuts on the far left, have likely been put to rest by the attempted coup in progress by Mueller et al.

The left, by simply being itself (Rush is laughing) has done what I thought would be nigh impossible. They have awakened a generally apathetic yea, SOMNAMBULIST population to the reality that there are definitely political factions who want to eradicate gun ownership so that they can set up an unassailable one-party socialist oligarchy not to govern, but to RULE!!!

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