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the leftists have this reverse Cloward-Piven thing going on these days.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

03/03/2019, 20:19:08

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Cloward-Piven is a plan to destroy the U.S. capitalist economic system by deliberately collapsing it through limitless government entitlement spending and other government-led sabotage of the private-sector economy.  

The idea is to cause the collapse of the capitalist economic system top-to-bottom and then for radical revolutionary socialists to offer their "rescue" to a desperate, panicking public. 

Problem of course is places like socialist Venezuela, once rich/strong/orderly, now poor/diseased/chaotic, which has degenerated into exactly the sort of total Cloward-Piven-like collapse that was supposed to be blamed on capitalism. We see how that socialism thing went for the Venezuelan people. 

The US leftists STILL believe that if they can just cause a big enough economic catastrophe in the USA using the power of government to help destroy the economy (as the Eightball Obama did for eight years), they can frighten the entire voting population into the arms of Vladimir Lenin/Karl Marx. 

Recently, as seen in how the Beaner drove Amazon's business out of NY, leftists are doing exactly the opposite of Cloward-Piven's intent. 

So voters in the US seeing this, are not driven into the arms of radical revolutionary socialism. Instead the Venezuelan catastrophe caused solely/wholly by socialism is driving people into the voting booths to support unrepentant, business-friendly, growth-oriented capitalists like...uh, what's that guy's name??? 

Donald something...

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