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It's nice to see the political suicide of the left continuing.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

03/03/2019, 19:50:54

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I was doubtful when Rush said years ago, "Leftists cannot help being who they are. They are not only unwilling to change their nature or tactics, they are unable. Whenever they run on what they really feel, want and plan for this country, they lose elections".

Since then I have seen with my own eyes that he was correct. The incorrigibility of the left is part and parcel of the fact that they expend a majority of their energies convincing and re-convincing themselves of all of the insane, stupid, idiotic, vile, asinine, alarming, horribly, lethally dangerous crap they say they believe.

As all con men, they know that half of the success in convincing others that the lies they sell is to at least half-believe it themselves.

So between their addiction to detachment from reality (it is MANDATORY to be a good loyal 'Crat these days) and their slavish obedience to the most radical, violence-prone, dangerous anti-conservative fanaticism, the Democrat party is hopelessly mired in mendacity, self-deception, psychotic hate and arrogant Statist elitism.

None of those elements are likely to garner much support from the general population separately. Combined they have done the equivalent of putting out fire with gasoline.

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