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Who was that woman, years ago, who caught a lot of crap for having a phone installed in her bathroom?
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Posted by: Bartb

03/02/2019, 15:54:35

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They laughed about it on the Evening News for about a week.

It came to mind a while ago because I got an urgent call from Nature that I just had to answer. I went to the bathroom to go to the bathroom (Isn't the English Language wonderful?) when my phone rang.
When I answered, a SYT on the other end said she was from a collection agency.
Apparently, I had overlooked a bill a month earlier and she needed to clean that up right away. (I briefly considered letting a collection agency clean up my business, but I let that go.) She asked about my credit card or my checking account...she really need to clean this up as soon as possible. Then, she asked,
"Are you on the Internet?"
I couldn't hold back, I replied,
"At the moment I am on the toilette."
Silence, followed by a sputter and a giggle. Her Trainer laughed out loud.
To end this farce, I promised to tend to it in a little while, and said,
"Bye Bye."

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