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"Spanking conversion restoration therapy"...that's a nice turn of phrase, General.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/10/2019, 19:36:07

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Your criticism of Ronstadt is also spot on. I think she is anhedonic (unable to allow herself to experience pleasure). She has always seemed depressed to me - like she fights crippling depression day after day.

That woman seems to me to be a complete waste of charm. Her appearance is alluring but she is hopelessly disinterested in anything remotely resembling normality. She is like some sort of weird golem.

Perfect follower of Baal. Luring men to their demise with twisted, hateful immorality as her base personality state.
Get men interested then SHUT THEM DOWN!!!

Sadism. Wickedness. Neurosis. That is the legacy of the far left.

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