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Kudzu, continued
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Posted by: Bartb

02/09/2019, 17:15:49

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Kudzu is a vine, but it's not like the green things that grow up college buildings.

Kudzu is mostly known in the South; it doesn't grow well in cold areas. In Tennessee, it grows unbelievably (you gotta see it to believe it) fast. You can actually see the plant moving while it grows. Trunks sometimes run 6 inches in diameter.
The reason I suggested Russ take the bus from Chattanooga, is the ride is beautiful, so you can watch through the windows for the trip. Along Interstate 24, you will see the rolling hills that are so photogenic.
Ummmmm, those are not hills.
They are forests, that have been covered by Kudzu. The trees below died from lack of sunshine. If you go into those 'hills' you can find shacks where people formerly lived.
However, comma, be sure you check with the local Sheriff first. Some of those hills have bootleggers in them, with people working in continuous night-time.
Along the way, there is a fairly high hill, that really is a hill. You should slow down and watch your speed carefully. The hill is crawling with State, Local, and Federal police, trying to catch the bootleggers who live in the nearby 'hillside'.
I do, indeed, miss the place.
Y'all come back, Y'hea?

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