Russ, do they have Kudzu down there?
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Posted by: Bartb

02/08/2019, 16:21:08

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I woke up thinking about Tennessee. I lived in Chattanooga for a couple of years and I owned two waterside acres in Tims Ford Lake, which is very near Lynchburg.
Kudzu is prohibited in Maryland. the DMV in Baltimore is the classic of what every DMV should not be. I would love to sneak around it in the Springtime night and plant some kudzu where it wouldn't be noticed. :-)
Have you ever gone to the Jack Daniel's refinery? Drive up to Chattanooga and take the bus out to Lynchburg. You can walk from the town to the refinery, and the walk-through is worth the trip.
It's been 30 years or so, but one item stands out: the refined whiskey is put into barrels and taken to five-story storage buildings. The floors are slanted, and each barrel is rolled to the top. Over the next two years, the barrels are slowly rolled a few feet down the building. When they get to the bottom they are taken back to the main building where they are cut from 140 proof to 80 proof. (Used to be 86 proof).
EACH of these buildings hold 13 Million Gallons of 140 proof whiskey. The are Very strict about the no-smoking rules.

As much as I love Colorado, I do miss Tennessee.

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