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General ! Let's be civilized - they chose the broad because she's dumb enough to half-believe all of the leftist lunacy...
Re: Nah. They got her to do it because she's a fat, communist nigra. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

02/07/2019, 21:35:36

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...but smart enough to lie when necessary to serve the leftist's Daily Cause in order to earn her place at the Feeding Trough. They know that SHE knows she will never have a shot at such an easy job again (since as most leftists she is utterly useless to the genuine meritocracy) - so her loyalty to whomever will provide her a cushy elitist slot in their Empire is absolute. The leftists know that she will be unquestioningly loyal and obedient in the same way a crackhead is to their dealer.

"It is not the weak person who is to be feared. The weak may be easily controlled. It is the strong person who cannot be controlled which cannot be tolerated." Baron Vladimir Harkonnen (from Frank Herbert's novel Dune)

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