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Re: They're clearly trying to come up with more law which can be selectively enforced ; designed to persecute under the pretext of enforcing. -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

02/07/2019, 00:25:08

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...pass a law prohibiting something / assessing fines for something then EXEMPT everyone who is not an enemy. It is exactly the same as passing an unconstitutional law against only one's enemies, but it is enacted under the pretext of legality.

Absent any overriding authority( such as when a leftist Supreme Court sits on its hands and refuses to support Equal Enforcement) the passing of laws becomes just another weapon in the arsenal of government to oppress political opponents or demographics which are largely opposed to the Ruling Party.

Stalin was GREAT at doing that. Passing laws and then only having his government enforce it against those he despised.

And of course when even THAT failed to subjugate the masses, he turned to mass murder - starving entire cities regions by cutting off their supplies of food and fuel.

That is no doubt exactly what millions of leftist would love to see done to the people whom they identify as their "enemies" (i.e., every single person who disagrees with or opposes the "Revolution" strongly).

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