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Russ, some info about MagicJackGo
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Posted by: Bartb

02/05/2019, 23:47:53

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Some of the details were not clear, but it goes approx like this:
You buy one new MJ, they will give another MJ, the two are basically paired, but each can be used individually. The main thing is that calls between these two units, even from overseas, are free.
There may be some new features available, but the basic unit connects via Ethernet to the Internet using VOIP connections.
Costs are beautiful - $89/three years, with no charge for long distance or most international costs.
For a one-time fee, you can select a specific phone number if it is available; it is available if you already own that number. I plan to switch to my home phone number. Because it is VOIP, you don't need different SIMs for different areas.
Input is Ethernet, output is standard phone signals. Get a $10 phone and an Ethernet cable; most hotels have Ethernet connections in the rooms.
There is a new service, Concierge, but I don't know the details; Cost seems to be reasonable, and I would suggest you look into it for such a traveling situation. Please ask if cost is in addition to basic charges or what.

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