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Cacogenic far leftists are VERY comfortable with mass media - cacogenesis and leftism go hand in hand.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/05/2019, 20:04:11

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Caogens, being basically useless, lazy, deranged individuals are naturally drawn to anything which permits exercise of the mechanisms of mass media. Running for higher political office is the equivalent of "having it made" for lowlifes. They know they can get an obscenely-massive paycheck for doing absolutely nothing beneficial for anyone. Anyone except other cacogens. And the shit-people saw that it was good - for cacogens but nobody else.

That woman is a cacogen's cacogen. The most absolutely worst of the worst - deeply ignorant and deeply opinionated and worst of all driven by psychotic ideas of reference, many of them rescripted from the Communist Manifesto with the help of the NYT et al.

The best thing that we could do with the leftists is change the laws so that they could be legally rounded up and gassed. Better for everyone including the leftists themselves. They will NEVER be happy in a world that is ruled by Natural Law, not the dictates of people for whom dick tastes good. (sic)

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