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His conclusions are admirably well-articulated.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/05/2019, 19:44:31

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With caveate concerning Jung's beliefs about the ubiquitous nature of the Collective Unconscious in all human beings.

CG Jung's personal beliefs ( articulated in his autobiography Memories, Dreams and Reflections) are even less politically-correct than the author represents. Dr. Jung actually believed that different cultures (races) have different psychologies. So people whose ancestry derived from say sub-Saharan Africa, would have different psychological dynamics (and need different treatment approaches to emotional illness) than someone from Japan, Northern England or South America.

Although Jung believed that different cultures develop remarkably similar archetypes (the mother, the father, the hero, eros, agape, thanatos, etc.) he also believed that people who emerged from geographically remote areas often would require different psychological experts (therapists) due to environmental (cultural) factors. So it's not like understanding evil in a precise archetypal sense is Genetic Memory (purely a theory, not a proven fact) as the author seems to sort-of imply.

So even though Jung believed that there was a Collective Unconscious which was likely linked to God (in the God-of-Abraham sense) and to the Power of the Increate, people do not all have exactly the same archetypal representations in their psyches.

That's only important because it makes no real difference what evil is symbolized as in a system, only how it relates to the system. In all normal cultures, evil is generally associated with what would be called "sociopathic behavior" (violations of codes of civilized conduct dating back to the beginning of history.

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