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So's Leeziana.
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Posted by: TEEBONE

02/03/2019, 13:21:09

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Russ -

I remember reading a story about a Florida woman who worked her whole life imagining what it would be like to retire, get a nice vehicle and take off to absorb and enjoy this beautiful country of ours. She saved prudently in anticipation of that dream, purchased a nice Caddy (big and comfortable, like they used to be) and set off westward on I-10 to begin fulfilling her 'bucket list'. She made it as far as LA when she was pulled over by the state cops on a dubious pretense, and they combed over the car. They found a compartment beneath the car welded to the chassis that 'could have been used' to smuggle drugs or other contraband.

They found no drugs, no evidence that drugs had ever occupied that space, and no evidence of the vehicle having been used unlawfully in any way. She wasn't charged with anything, not even an illegal lane change.

They seized the car and left her stranded.

When I read that the top of my head blew off. I simply couldn't BELIEVE that such a thing could happen.

Apparently it does, not only frequently, but it seems to be the mode du jour.

How can this be allowed to happen in this country?



Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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