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Meanwhile the left is exercised by Starbucks announcement of presidential aspirations as a non-aligned candidate.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/31/2019, 12:09:29

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I'm happy to see an end to the gleeful leftist mass media passing around the story of an elementary school student who made a science project out of proving that Brady cheated in the Deflated Football Incident.

The Starbucks guy (whatever his name) also announced that Elizabeth Warren tried to get him to support her with massive funds - stopping just short of saying that she was desperate and greedy.

So as the 2020 Presidential election kicks off (actually it seemed to me that it kicked off November 9, 2016) the far left is already hard at work sewing discord, disunity, disgust and abandonment of the Party.

The democrat party, seems much like the character in that scene from Jurassic Park:The Lost World - 'falls into a narrow creek bed to be followed by dozens of tiny, harmless-looking creatures...

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