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"More FBI agents arrested Stone than SEALs sent to kill bin Laden" -- FoxNews
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Posted by: Russ Walden

01/31/2019, 10:25:15

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I was reluctant to post the excerpt below, lest someone here accuse me of making it up. Most of us, by now, have heard some description of the excesses of Stone's arrest, but reading the precise accounting of the resources involved is horrifying -- all to arrest a middle-aged man in his shorts who could have been had with a simple phone call: "Roger, turn yourself in."

Perhaps what troubles me most is that this happened under the alleged supervision of a man Trump recently appointed to head the FBI -- and all those people, including him, still have their jobs.

Not good, folks, not good.


Judge Andrew Napolitano: An American nightmare

Last Friday, on a quiet residential street at 6 in
the morning, the neighborhood exploded in light, noise and terror. Seventeen SUVs and two armored vehicles arrived in front of one house. Each vehicle had sirens blaring and lights flashing. The house, which
abutted a canal, was soon surrounded by 29 government agents, each
wearing military garb, each carrying a handgun and most carrying
high-powered automatic rifles.

In the canal were two amphibious watercrafts, out of which more heavily armed government
agents came. Circling above all this was a helicopter equipped with
long-range precision weaponry and high-powered spotlights.

Four agents approached the front door to the house. Two held a battering
ram, and two pointed their rifles at the door. One of the agents shouted and banged on the front door until the terrified owner of the house
emerged, barefoot and wearing shorts and a T-shirt. He was greeted in
the dark at his open front door by two rifle barrels aimed at his head.

(remainder of story at link)

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