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Michael Medved off the air in Los Angeles - replaced by Sebastian Gorka!!
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/30/2019, 14:50:56

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I have been a huge fan of Sebastian Gorka for a long time before he joined the Trump administration.

It was therefore gratifying to see him replace Michael Medved in the Los Angeles market timeslot on a local radio station.

Medved is not terrible, since he advocates for 90% of what I call sanity in his radio program - but he got it SOOOOOOOO wrong on Trump. Medved, the rationalist with the voice of a homosexual, voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election (by his own admission). Even though he later changed his tune after Trump was elected president, I think that vote doomed his contract with L A area conservative talk radio 870 AM.

Gorka is a genuine conservative by all appearances. He does not dilute his rhetoric or format to mild, fluffy soft-ball politics. Gorka's show hammers body-blows to the stupidity/danger of the far left EVERY DAY the way Medved seldom did.

The gloves are off. The left is bound and determined to give cacogens a permanent voice of authority over all of us and Gorka stands with all of the vast throng of genuine conservatives against that savage, barbaric onslaught.

Oddly enough I still use Medved for movie reviews.
He may have h is head up his ass on some very important political concepts, but Medved still has great taste in movies.

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