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heh reminds me of a story of someone who, "wanted their money now".
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01/29/2019, 20:21:48

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I worked with a young fellow once who told a sad story of driving to Mexico to pick-up the body of his father. Dad who lived mostly in the US had "invested" a sizable sum in a business venture in Mexico with some cousins. 

While visiting Mexico to check on the business his father phoned his family saying that he had discovered "irregularities" in the business's finances, told the cousins  that he was pulling his investment out of the company. 

A few days later his family in the US got a call from the cousins with the sad news that his father had (wait for it) slipped in the shower, hit his head and passed away. 

The boy related how he stopped in San Diego on the long drive to pick-up his father's body in Mexico, to call his cousins to let them know what time he would be there. They told him that there had been a "mix-up" - his father's body had just been accidentally cremated, so there were only ashes to pick-up. 

I nearly gasped at that but the young boy seemed to have no clue. Without pausing he continued calmly to tell me that he simply picked up the ashes and returned home with them. 

I did not have the heart to explain to the boy that his father had been murdered by his cousins and that the reason there was no body was that they could not afford any sort of legitimate autopsy because that would have provided evidence of his murder. 

Some day, I figured, he'd figure it out for himself. No doubt most of his family already had. But if they didn't want to tell him the truth, I wasn't going to do it. 

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