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WHOOO??? (just kidding) I know who that is but you've got to admit it's fairly obscure.
Re: (Cue Dan Hartman) "COME ON, and take a free ride! Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah!" -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

01/28/2019, 23:14:22

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I am fairly deeply studied in rock music so I know about the Dan Hartman/Rick Derringer alliance on that tune.

The guitar work is fairly interesting from a purely musicianship POV - Derringer was a penultimate skilled electro-lutist Hartman the song-writer, right? Sad about Derringer, never quite broke through into super-stardom but he rubbed elbows with the great.

Cue: Mark Steyn (subbing for Rush): You know just on a tangent hea, I believe that in fact he never DID lose-ah that funkeh sow-wownd! We'll be right back after another obscene profit break!! You're listening to Mark Steyn sitting in for Maharushi on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.

BTW Limbaugh was on it today. Target. Direct. Effective.

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