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They just covered this on "1 More Thing" on FoxNews's "The Five", and guess what was MISSING from their coverage? "gun-wielding good Samaritan", that's what.
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01/28/2019, 18:06:43

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"A gun-wielding good Samaritan brought a harrowing road rage incident to a safe end, reportedly stopping a driver who'd been racing through Massachusetts -- with a 65-year-old man clinging to the hood of his SUV.

"An unidentified person ordered Mark Fitzgerald, 37, at gunpoint out of his SUV, allowing Richard Kamrowski to climb down from the car unscathed, police said."

Why was this included in the local "Fox5" report, yet conspicuously omitted on the globally-distributed FoxNews broadcast?




Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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