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How did we lose control of our country so quickly? Pelosi is now in control? Schumer mocks our president?
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Posted by: Jenny ®

01/26/2019, 03:25:26

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RINO's will not be forgotten for selling out the president and this country and its citizens.  McCain is already burning in hell, Flake will be sure to join him, Billy Kristol is a smirking POS and little Georgie Porgie Bush never misses an opportunity to snuggle up to the Obama's.  Why is John Kerry being allowed to go to Switzerland and denigrate our president without someone calling him out?  Why has his passport not been revoked?  Why is he still acting as if he is an elected/appointed official in the administration and continuing to damage our country and this administration?  How did the Republicans controlling all three branches of government allow this crap to happen?  

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and all the other dysfunctional Congressmen/women sat back and preached principles while aiding and abetting the democrats.  What absolute losers to gather under the Republican umbrella and make every effort to convince us they were working for us.   I am ashamed of what my country has become due to lily-livered, RINO men and women who were supposed to prevent this chaotic situation.  I no longer see any hope for our country because it will be controlled by communist/socialists and I seriously doubt any Republican will ever grace the office of the presidency again.   These losers have turned my country into something I no longer recognize.

When Robert Mueller started his nonsense, why didn't the Republican party stop his ass cold?   All this was illegal from the get-go and he brought in his liberal henchmen and has tortured our legal and duly elected president and made a mockery of everything we hold dear.  This is bullshit and why aren't the Republicans gathering in force and stopping this right now.  

At a little after 3 in the morning, Mueller sent a SWAT team in after Manafort intimidating and scaring the hell our of his wife and children, and this past morning shortly before dawn, Mueller sent 29 FBI agents, 17 vehicles and arrested that 66 year old presidential friend with no history of violence and committed what amounts to a third world despotic act of aggression against a United States citizen.  Why the hell are we allowing this?   Who will Mueller go after next?  Will it be someone we know personally?   Will he bring SWAT teams to our doors confiscating our guns?  What next for us as citizens of what used to be a free country?  

I can not go to my senators for relief because, unfortunately, they are complicit in this farce.    Nancy Pelosi and Schumer are atrocious in their boasting and smirking about how easy they beat the president at his own game and the dumb  liberal voters who are truly running the asylum.  I can't bear seeing the Republican party so defeated by criminals who are suffering no repercussions for their crimes, Muslims working in our government and socialist twits who can't wait to tax us into oblivion.    

Thanks to criminal liberals and spineless Republicans, our country is on the verge of being a third world shithole!!  I am so heartsick and I surrender.  :(  

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