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"..a 16 year-old...robbed..." Identity politics 'Crat ploy to "condemn killing" an armed perpetrator just because he happens to be under 18...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/05/2019, 06:47:15

Author Profile Mail author Edit one of the more odious, cacogenic gambits.

See, if we would speak of the age of predators, what would we say of the fact that most fatal shark-attacks are caused by sharks that are less than five years old. So if we hunt down a Great White Shark like Jaws, we are "killing babies".

In fact, most predatory animals of all kinds who attack human beings in nature are under four years old. And in the species homo sapiens, the most murders are committed by the YOUNGEST of our population.

Anyone who has read or heard about violent crime statistics and youth would be horrified to know the truth - most of the most heinous, savage, sadistic, evil monstrous crimes in the world are committed by "young people" - including mass-murder by psychopaths or terrorists.

In countries like India or most in sub-Saharan African (shit hole) nations, the average age of the average murderer is 19.

So forgive me if I don't get all blubbery and weepy about the fact that a person under the age of 18 can be as poisonous, cold-blooded and evil as a pit-viper.

It's not society's fault if a person can't learn in 16 years the dangers/consequences of picking up a gun and committing 31 felonies - especially to the perpetrator of the crimes.

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