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'Spose I told you that you could go in the Post Office and not see a black person? . . .
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Posted by: Russ Walden ®

01/03/2019, 18:47:38

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Tee --

I don't know -- and doubt -- that it is still true, but that was my experience on my first visit to the Post Office up here.  It was memorable, because, back then, I was sending boxes of paperback books to troops overseas.  This black bitch in the Post Office annex where I then lived invariably made some snide comment about it.

My first visit to the Post Office up here was for the same purpose.  When I got to the head of the line and handed over the two boxes, the Post Office guy (white) asked, "Are these for our guys?"  I said they were.

He then gave me a card, saying, "Next time, just call me and I'll meet you at the loading dock so you won't have to lug them all the way in here."

Whoa!  What a difference sixty miles or so makes!  When we bought this place, the county black population was under 1%.  It has risen since, but is still very low.  I like it that way.

When my Wife and I wrote "the specs" for the next place we would live, one of the requirements was "low black population."  Not being racist, just recognizing that increased crime and high property taxes tend to vary directly with black population.

Anyhow, . . . .


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