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Even Japan creates some nuts...remember the Aum Shinrinkyo nerve gas attack?
Re: Unclear on the concept: 21 year old Tokyo wingnut, to protest "execution", attempts to execute innocent civilians with a car. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

01/02/2019, 21:10:02

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The Aum Shinrinkyo terrorist group was the Japanese equivalent of the Jim Jones or Heaven's Gate cults. They despised Humanity along with themselves and wanted to destroy the entire world.

The interesting parallel to psychology is "infantile rage" which is the psychotic anger experienced by very small children or the emotionally disturbed, where they want to destroy everything and everyone including themselves in response to stress.

The key unifying factor in the sorts of "senseless" attacks such people make is that they always have some overwhelming, irrational belief that they MUST kill people they have never met and know almost nothing about.

The urge to murder in this way is very similar to the compulsion to defecate. It's apt to overtake those who are subject to it at unexpected times (according to an internal spinning of a roulette wheel of "ideas of reference" in their mind) and is completely overwhelming.

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