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Essentially correct but too abstruse for the average voter.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

01/02/2019, 20:56:15

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This is a similar issue as the definition of Classical Liberalism - too obscure for most people to follow. 

Rush pointed that out recently, throwing up his hands about conservatives who are always trying to hammer the latter point doesn't matter that it's true, only that it's confusing to people more than clarifying. 

Socialism is one of the least-understood words in the English language because it means something different to almost literally every single person you ask to define it. 

I like the definition Kevin Williamson used in one of his essays - more than anything, socialism is defined by the fact that it has a Plan. 

In our time the Plan includes bureaucratic Super-Statism, anti-conservative ideology (Marxism) and a minimization or destruction of most of the precepts and ideals embodied in the U.S. Constitution. 

There is also the point that it is not necessary for a government to actually legally own a business or entity in order to be in control of it. That is because in the most real sense, 100% control of something is equivalent to ownership. So if a government makes it impossible for any business to operate without the explicit, detailed approval/control of the government, the government defacto OWNS that business.

What many don't quite get is that 100% control = ownership. That's why the tide of regulation that the leftists have sent against the private sector is so central to the Plan. 

Other aspects of the Plan are to disempower the private sector and to instead allow government to usurp as much authority/decision-making by the private sector as possible.
That includes removing the influence of private CITIZENS and other residents with input into the affairs of the nation and replacing it with bureaucracy and/or autocratic, leftist  entities. To eliminate troublesome "little people" from the decision-making process in government and leave it wholly in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats. 

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